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SGSI has supported the minerals extraction industry with rock mechanics and rock stabilization both on the surface and underground. SGSI led a program of core and rotary drilling, instrumentation (including Time Domain Reflectometry), and analysis, including numerical computer modeling, for the Cove Mine pit slope failure in Nevada. SGSI also led the pre-mining slope stability and design investigation at Eldorado Gold's La Colorada mine expansion near Hermosillo, Mexico.

Iron Mtn Mine 2
Iron Mountain Mine, CA
SGSI personnel have completed numerous ground control studies for coal and metal mining throughout the U.S. These studies have entailed research, in situ testing, measurement of ground stress and stress changes, laboratory geomechnaics testing, down hole logging and core drilling, and numerical computer simulations. We have also provided conventional geotechnical services in support of mine infrastructure improvements, such as mill and concentrator expansions requiring heavy machine foundations, and ore loading facilities.

SGSI personnel have provided reserves estimates and mine planning support, using computer programs such as Medsystem and other geologic software. SGSI offers the latest in computer analysis for underground and surface mine stability, including finite difference, finite element, boundary element, and limit equilibrium codes.


Engineering Services for Abandoned Mine Remediation

SGSI personnel have been providing abandoned mine related services since the early 1980s. We have served OSM, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Bureau of Mines, and many State agencies in issues of acid mine drainage abatement, instabilities arising from subsidence, highwalls, and mine waste embankments; and many other environmental and physical safety issues. Our staff has background in research as well as remediation. Many of our clients are interested in SGSI's capabilities in rock excavation and rock blasting.

Representative abandoned mine actions in which we have been instrumental:
Iron Mountain, CA: AMD handling, underground excavation, design, and construction; stability assessment; Site Safety Plan, and underground mapping and surveying at this large Superfund site; Iron Mtn. Mine
Iron Mountain Mine, CA
Arabian Mine, AZ: Physical inventory, Site Safety Plan, underground geologic mapping and surveying; cross-hole geotomographic interpretation, physical hazard abagtement; and expert witness services related to subsidence investigation (below a busy State highway) for this partially flooded underground gold mine;
Arabian mine
Arabian Mine, AZ
Golinsky Mine, CA: Physical inventory, bulkhead conceptual design, AMD treatment concepts and design; geologic mapping, underground stability assessment, historical documentation and records review for this partially caved gold/metal mine within the Shasta National Recreational Area;  
Keystone Mine, CA: Physical inventory and new shaft access for this partially flooded underground gold mine to assess the potential for alternative bulkhead locations;  
Heltsley property, IN: Subsidence investigation, borehole camera work, and grouting/backfilling program design for this highly unstable shallow coal mine affected by pit subsidence;  
Mystic Mine, AZ: Physical inventory and inspection, hazard abatement, and closure concepts for this open-stoped gold mine.  

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